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Leigh Ann & Paul

We photographed these two in a beautiful winter engagement session and they were just awesome. We met at the lake Harriet bandstand and did some really sweet snowy photos. After a gorgeous walk around the lake and a little winter "picnic" we grabbed some coffee and warmed up inside. We really loved spending time with these two and can't wait to photograph their wedding this fall.


Thank You.

Today we reached the 1000 Facebook likes landmark and we wanted to take a moment and write a note of thanks. It’s so wonderful to be able to do what we love to do every day and we couldn’t ask for better clients, family, and friends who constantly support us and our craft. 

We love photographs. Photographs are portals to incredible memories of loved ones, friends, family, and good times from the past. A memory that you can hold in your hands. An emotion that you can relive over and over again. 

There’s so much that can be said about photographs and the memories that they represent but for now, we say thank you.


Thank you for letting us do what we do. 
Ryan + Bethany

Mr and Mrs. Kippen

 Cassie is a fisherman's dream come true, she has always loved everything about fishing, she spends a lot of her time on her boat or dock casting and waiting for the perfect catch and she finally caught a keeper named Jack. Cassie and Jack share a simple love, a love that is strong and very real to everyone they meet. These two have strong faith and a deep love for their families. Their wedding day was a prefect example of this, all day the were both surrounded by so much love. The day was one of those rainy romantic ones, where nothing else mattered to Cassie and Jack, except each other. They made their wedding about what mattered to them the most and yes, Jack even had a fish caught for his bride on her wedding day.


I think this was one of my favorite moments of the day, Deb sitting on the ground holding her daughters hand and praying for her. So emotional and so beautiful.

Everything about this wedding had someones special touch, these invitation's were painted by Cassie's sister Jenny.

Cassie and Jack had some really great details to bring the fishing theme into their wedding. 
They were subtle and very cute.  

This was one of my favorites! They had nets and lanterns behind the head table. 

They had their rings in this pirate ship metal box that Cassie has held onto for years. 

Instead of having a unity candle or sand, they decided that they would braid this piece of rope that they could hang in their home. 

 And of course all the groomsmen and Jack wore fly fishing lures instead of flowers.

They had this amazing folk band and they played such fun dance music!

Jackie & Drew

Hey everyone! We are so happy to share Jackie and Drew's wedding with you!

Jackie and Drew got married in Detroit Lakes Minnesota in July and it was such a beautiful day. The setting was at the families' restaurant/bar's back yard and the sunset over the lake was just perfect. We were able to photograph a first look and spend a lot of time with the couple and the bridal party. Its always so cool to capture the couple seeing each other for the first time and spend a lot of time getting beautiful photos.

The reception was a blast. It went long into the night and everyone danced like crazy to some perfect music and a beautiful sunset.  We love these two and wish them a lifetime of happiness!

Kelly and Jack's Wedding

July 19th was a beautiful day for a wedding in Vadnis Heights, Minnesota and we can's stop raving about how fun and beautiful Kelly and Jack's big day was.

Since we first met Kelly and Jack we could see such a spark between them in everything they do. From romantic glances and subtle hand holding to making funny faces and little jokes these two really compliment each other so well. Their wedding day was a prime example of this. While getting ready all Jack could talk about was getting to see Kelly and making sure she received the card and roses he got her at just the right time. After Kelly first saw Jack during the first look her eyes continued to wander towards him for the rest of the day.

We're so glad to have gotten to know this couple and had been a part of their beautiful day. We could go on and on about their wedding but what better way to describe it than with photographs?


Jenny and Joel's Anniversary

Four years ago we photographed Jenny and Joel's wedding up in northern Minnesota. Jenny was a good friend of Bethany and their wedding was one of the first ones we had ever photographed. I got to know Jenny and Joel after that and we quickly all became really great friends! Bethany and I got married later that summer and with Jenny and Joel being fellow photographers we sort of gotten into a habit of trading anniversary sessions every year.

This summer marked the four year anniversary for both of us and of course, we had to carry on the tradition of a yearly session. Jenny and Joel were in town for a wedding photography meeting and we made time for a quick evening session together at Minnehaha Park in Minneapolis.

Jenny and joel wanted a "flower child" antique feel to their photos and brought along a ton of sweet stuff from their house. Joel brought his guitar and was quite a trooper carrying all the rest of their stuff all over the woods! We had a beautiful golden glow from the sunset and couldn't have asked for a nicer evening with these guys.

Of course, Jenny and Joel photographed Bethany and I as well, but I'll let her tell you about that over on her blog! (Click Here!)

Here are some of their images. Hope you love em!

Sneaky Peek at Kaila and CJ's Wedding

Kaila and CJ are two of our closest friends here in Minnesota. Bethany has known Kaila since they were babies! Kaila and CJ got married a couple of weeks ago and I had the honor of photographing the wedding.

The wedding day couldn't have been more perfect. The weather called for rain and storms but the sky stayed beautiful all day. The setting was a beautiful in the back yard with acres and acres of gorgeous land, horses, trees, and even a barn full of kittens. I cant wait to tell more stories and share more photos from the day but that blog post will come another day. For now, here is a first look at a sneak preview from June 22, 2013. 

Photo (tech) Tip Tuesday! #11

The back of some guy's head rather than the band on stage.
A dark and blurry photograph of a football player on the field.
A "Selfie" that is too bright and ghost-looking. 

These are just some of the examples of the blessing/curse of a pocket camera's flash.

So it's great that you have an incredible camera in your pocket but when it comes to Auto Mode and the built in flash you may often roll your eyes at the less-than-awesome results. 

Pocket cameras are programmed to be smart and figure out what you are doing but sometimes what you want may not be the same as what the camera THINKS you want. If that flash is on and you are trying to photograph something beyond 10 feet away, the camera will underexpose the photograph because it assumes that the flash is taking care of it, which of course, isn't true. This phenomenon leaves you with a dark and blurry photograph that will wind up getting deleted. 

When you are photographing something further than your camera's flash can reach, its usually better to leave the flash off. Most cameras have a "program mode" which gives you access to options like flash/no flash while remaining mostly automatic.

iPhone cameras are super simple and do a nice job even without flash but if you have a fancier pocket sized camera then you have access to TONS of features most people will never even know they have. Its really easy to just look up "how to" videos on Youtube and master your camera in no time!