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Photo Tip Tuesday

Hey everyone! Spring is ALMOST here in Minnesota. Lets all hope this is the LAST time we have to shovel off our cars this year!

Anyway, we are psyched to introduce our very own PHOTO TIP TUESDAYS.

Whats the first rule of having your photos taken? Have fun with it of course!
But whats the second rule? The third rule? While we don't like to generalize photo sessions with a bunch of pre meditated rules we love to make people feel more comfortable when we’re photographing them so we're demystifying the whole thing.

So every Tuesday we'll be sharing, right here on Facebook, great tips for when you’re in front of the camera.

We'll be focusing on mainly engagement and wedding photo tips but we’re always open for questions, suggestions, and discussions.

Lets do this!

Cozy Up and Grab a Blanket

Kelly and Jack are just the sweetest people. In Minnesota its really a brave thing to pose for engagement photos in the Winter and these two really pulled it off! Bethany and I had an idea to photograph them at Centennial Lakes in Edina because it always looks so pretty at sunset. It turned out that it was the same spot they got engaged!

Jack and Kelly were sooo easy to photograph because they were so comfortable and in love with each other. It was impossible for them to not act natural! We took a nice (although chilly) walk around the lake with these two lovebirds photographing as we went. We found a sweet bonfire and warmed up a bit with some hot chocolate. 

These two are such a fun couple and we cant wait to photograph their wedding this summer!


Hey all! We are getting super excited for the holiday season. Bethany and I have been busy decking the halls and drinking spiced apple cider! It will be so nice having most of our Minnesota family here to spend Christmas with and all the nieces and nephews to play in the snow with.

Speaking of Minnesota Christmases, we are totally up for some winter couples sessions! The point of couples photography is to show the love and fun you have together and a huge part of living in Minnesota is cold weather, right? Why not combine em. We can bundle up, build a snowman, sled down a hill, and have a chilly little session. Its a great idea for a couples gift to each other. Engaged? married? A new photo of yourselves is a great gift for parents and grandparents! Got kids? Bring em.

Here are some of our photos from the last few days.

Kaila and CJ

Hey all!

Ryan and I had the pleasure of photographing my dear friend Kaila and her wonderful boyfriend CJ this past weekend. I have known Kaila since she was born, her and I only have brothers so we are the closest thing we could get to sisters. She is my little sister. As young little girls we would spend most of our days in wild adventures, building forts and listing to the Newsboys. "Shine, make em wonder whatcha got". She will always remain my sister, and I am so grateful for her.

Kaila and CJ both have hearts of gold, they value people and spending time with the ones they are dear to them. I haven't met many couples who honor each other as much as these two. They are both so genuine with who they are and what they believe in it makes me so happy to see them together. We had a blast on this little shoot we did with them.

Jacke and Drew

Jackie & Drew: 

Ten years ago I was sitting in a 7th grade choir classroom all alone on my first day at a new school and two friendly faces sat and talked to me. I instantly felt warm and like I had a place to belong. 

One of those girls was Jackie and it sounds so cheesy but we've been friends ever since. I have always felt safe when I am with her, she makes you feel at home and comfortable. Jackie is the sweetest person you could meet... her heart is so full of love and she is a burst of sunshine. The day I met Drew it all made sense. Jackie was complete. Everything about Drew was what I wanted and hoped for, for my dear friend.  He is her all, her driving force, her rock. I love watching them interact, they have a very real and noticeable love. A love that lasts. As a couple they are an unstoppable love train! I am more then trilled to watch their love adventure continue!  

These are some picks from our beautiful fall engagement session the other day. 



Hey everyone! How about a little backstory.

Bethany and I were married on August 1st, 2009. We had met a couple of years earlier in photography school, then lived in NYC (way too far away from each other) for a while. After we got married we moved to Rochester NY where I'm from to be closer to family and find better work.

In school we learned all different aspects of photography but only at this point did we feel such a strong draw to wedding and portrait photography. This past winter Bethany and I had a talk about what we wanted out of life and careers. Our lease was going to be up at the end of summer and we needed to decide where we wanted to be. As tough as it would be to pack up and leave our family, friends, and jobs in Rochester we felt very drawn to Minneapolis Minnesota.

Fast forward a few months, and here we are. Bethany has a lot of family here in the Twin Cities and we are making new friends. We are in a new city and very excited about our new opportunities. Along with the physical move we also made the decision to change our previous photography business starting with the name. We went from Joy Wedding Photography to just JoyStudios opening up the potential to do more than just weddings and more than just photography. Along with the changes comes a new portfolio, website, logo, branding, and business cards to name a few!

Between setting up our apartment and getting to know the scene here we have been furiously busy rebranding our whole photography business and starting from the ground up. We are so excited to get this up and running and move into the next chapter of our lives. We hope to be extremely busy in this coming year meeting new clients and doing what we love every single day.

We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.
-Walt Disney

As a side note, our new site is launching soon! We will keep you posted!

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Thanks for all your support everyone!


Hey Everyone!

This is our first blog for JoyStudios. It has been an exciting few weeks as Bethany and I moved halfway across the country from Rochester NY to Minneapolis MN. We are getting used to our new home and making new friends and meeting new people. We are also getting really good at assembling IKEA furniture!

We are so excited to share all of our new photography stuff with you. I have been really busy getting our new website together and getting social media stuff set up. We will keep everyone posted here and everywhere!