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Photo (tech) Tip Tuesday! #11

The back of some guy's head rather than the band on stage.
A dark and blurry photograph of a football player on the field.
A "Selfie" that is too bright and ghost-looking. 

These are just some of the examples of the blessing/curse of a pocket camera's flash.

So it's great that you have an incredible camera in your pocket but when it comes to Auto Mode and the built in flash you may often roll your eyes at the less-than-awesome results. 

Pocket cameras are programmed to be smart and figure out what you are doing but sometimes what you want may not be the same as what the camera THINKS you want. If that flash is on and you are trying to photograph something beyond 10 feet away, the camera will underexpose the photograph because it assumes that the flash is taking care of it, which of course, isn't true. This phenomenon leaves you with a dark and blurry photograph that will wind up getting deleted. 

When you are photographing something further than your camera's flash can reach, its usually better to leave the flash off. Most cameras have a "program mode" which gives you access to options like flash/no flash while remaining mostly automatic.

iPhone cameras are super simple and do a nice job even without flash but if you have a fancier pocket sized camera then you have access to TONS of features most people will never even know they have. Its really easy to just look up "how to" videos on Youtube and master your camera in no time!

#9 & #10

Hey everyone! We have been busy these last couple of weeks photographing a lot! We have some really cool blog entries coming up soon. Here's last week's and this week's photo tips.

We get asked about what clothes to wear to an engagement session all the time. Really its all up to you! Wearing something that you normally would wear is important because you will feel like yourself. When you are being photographed as a couple its important to keep your outfits matching. It can be fun to go with a wardrobe theme depending on where your session will be photographed!

We always make sure to capture all the aspects of your wedding however, if a special performer has a connection to you its helpful to know so that we make sure to capture extra memorable photos of them.

Thanks for reading! We can't wait to share more photos with you.


Photo Tip Tuesday #5

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Todays photo tip can help you bring tech into your wedding. A new trend amongst new brides and grooms is creating hashtags for different wedding events!

Of course you have awesome wedding photographers capturing the professional stuff but its really fun to be able to look back and see your guest's photos and well wishes on Twitter and Instagram.

Lindsey and Kevin's Engagement

Lindsey and Kevin are so sweet together. We met up with them on Wednesday evening in Como Park to do some engagement photos at sunset. Honestly we couldn't have had a more beautiful night to photograph this beautiful couple. The love and kindness that Lindsey and Kevin show each other is incredible and very contagious and we can't wait to photograph their wedding this fall!